Our activity began in 1989 with the successful exportation of 8000 units and a considerable presence in the ecological field both in Italy and abroad.

Ecozeta Srl 's factory and workshop are 5 in Italy and 2 in Turkey. In Italy we assemble only some machnies for the European market due to the strict requirements for the CE rules and necessity of market requirements. In our factories in Turkey we do produce all machines following the same procedure of Italian technology and is surveyed by our engineers. All important hydraulics components and electrical devices are made in Italy. We do use the European standards and quality refer to the normal steel and special steel where it is necessary.

We choose Turkey as production plant because close to the Arab and African Countries where we have a very efficient sales organization and for us very important markets.

Moreover we cooperate with external workshops, that allow us to completely satisfy our customers' requests in a very competitive time. All our products are realised, assembled and tested inside our main plant, our qualified staff is to adapt to any kind of productive situation.

The company's personnel have a high experience that allow them to design and product high–tech devices using the most innovative software: the technical office, moreover, controls the development of all orders, supervising the various productive phases, from the order definition to the final construction.

We are at the constant seek of new projects, and for this reason we cooperate with a team of engineers supporting us in pursuing this purpose.

The stock is managed by a computer-based system connected directly to the administration dept., kept therefore regularly informed on the situation of the stock itself.

The managing direction, which is operative in the city of Rivoli, near Torino in Italy, provides for all the marketing, sale and and coordination activities of all the sectors constituting the group.


Eco.zeta is present in Algeria, France, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Kuwait, Itan, Libya, Cambodia, Venezuela, Italy, Greece, Kenya, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Portugal and Turkey.

All this allows our member companies to be competitive having low overhead costs and achieve satisfactory sales volumes.

Eco.zeta  has also registered the trademark Emitecno, synonymous with quality, reliability and warranty.



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